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Our (Hi) Story

Since we are Product Company of CloudHostWorld which is being recommended by WordPress itself! We had the easy concept WordPress can be better. Executing the plan, we established a new category within the boundaries of web hosting when we offered Managed WordPress Hosting to the globe. The Managed WordPress Hosting platform launched a renewal in client and application-centric hosting.

WPHostWorld has become the WordPress hosting market competitor in innovation, speed, quantifiability, and security, with thousands of customers trusting our spectacular and future-oriented infrastructure. Our clients vary from technical to alternative massive and midsize businesses. We’ve done it by extending the singular focus of treating our customer’s right!

Why Choose WPHostWorld ?

Icon Strict Policies

Strict policies

We have strict policies against spammers and sites with violating content. Server performance isn't sacrificed to abusive usage of resources. We have a superb name and our Incident Response Team works their best to confirm our servers don't seem to be blocked or blacklisted.

Icon Thousand Customers

Thousands of Customers

Organization with clients from around the globe has increased our company culture and helped us to grow in the worldwide market inside a extremely competitive branch. It helps us in raising the standard of our services, resulting in an increasing brand name & dependability.

IconHealthiest Record

Healthiest record within business

WPHostWorld support team is 100% dedicated to its customers. The WPHostWorld team is comprised of extremely qualified and skilled professionals with various backgrounds joining into a robust combine for providing valuable web presence solutions as per customers needs.

Icon Hardware Commitment

Hardware commitment

We are committed to providing the simplest hardware instrumentality to our customers. We have a tendency to upgrade our servers with the latest technologies offered. This is often what makes our server performance additional consistent compared to other hosting providers.

Icon Security Matters

Security Matters

Security Matters Do you deal with sensitive & vital data and high demands? Then our hosting is crafted for you! We provide a robust defense against tapping, industrial spying, and different activities that could harm your privacy. Security matters to us, and it’s at the forefront of everything!

Icon Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We are extremely proud of our customers & want to serve them the best no matter whatever it takes to do. Our growing count of individual clients to tiny & mid-sized businesses trust both; our services to be reliable & our team to be aware. We provide 24/7 client support for all clients.

our Visoin

Our Vision

Being the fastest growing, innovative and most transformative WordPress organization our vision is to create a better every-day life for WordPress user’s.

Our Mission

Our mission is to boost & enhance your brand by incorporating new technologies with creativity & originality to serve you the best possible WordPress solutions.

our Mission
Our Culture

Our Culture

  • A diverse and globally distributed team permits us to recruit prime talent, and serve our customers best.
  • We are individual, independent to perform our work with responsibility to execute our mission, and take full responsibility for all outcomes.
  • Our work is only one part of a full life, and we support our team in following alternative interests.
  • We’re doing huge things in a huge market, & we are continually looking to work with the brightest to assist drive our company forward.

Our Values

Our values reflect who we are & what we stand for as an organization!

Customer Commitment

Customer Commitment

We build relationships that make a positive difference in customer’s lives.



We provide outstanding products and unmatched service that together, deliver premium value to our client.



We hold the highest standards of integrity in our actions

Team Work

Team Work

We work together across the boundaries to fulfill the needs of our potential customers to help the company win.

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