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Why Choose EasyEngine

Why Choose EasyEngine?

With EasyEngine power users can easily deploy multiple WordPress website, install Lets Encrypt SSL completely free. You can host unlimited WordPress websites with the EasyEngine with the lowest cost means you have to just pay for VPS cost since EasyEngine is free & open source you need not to pay for any web server or web service extra cost like cPanel so shop smarty & save wisely! We provide you endless support like installing SSL, deploying WordPress Websites, Wordpress plugin updations will be completely taken care of by us. EasyEngine offers a mature and effective automation solution for setting up and managing your and WordPress sites.

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Every WordPress website has WP-CLI by default. WPCLI — the WordPress command interface is deployed and designed as a default element inside the EasyEngine stack, which is the most helpful component you will find. In total EasyEngine have been configurations to automate the creation of various WordPress websites, additionally to rest of the tools. It also can be used to install simply a base LEMP stack if all you're interested in is server stack management. Since WP-ClI is so powerful it can use for creating alteration on the site. We can additionally use few WP-CLI commands to automate the formation of the site and boost up the process. These include commands for adding your user, user password and email address.

Superlative Performance

Superlative Performance

The loading speed of EasyEngine is greater than many shared hosting services. With a small amount of optimization, you will be able to bring a really good level of performance and if the traffic will increase with time, it's possible to upgrade without reinstalling anything. EasyEngine has been designed to provide as much control as possible.


EasyEngine comes with several features that make WordPress easy to deploy.

Supports for MultiSite

Supports for MultiSite WordPress web site (via a domain-name or sub-directory) providing effective automation solution.

Cache Setting

Easy to access cache settings for WordPress including W3 Total Cache, Memcached Nginx cache, Redis and WP Super Cache.

server stack

Easy to manage the server stack as well as basic LEMP stack, install extra packages like phpMyAdmin, adminer, nginx pagespeed etc.

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with Easy Engine !!!

EasyEngine offers to developers

What does EasyEngine offers to developers?

EasyEngine provide Admin Tools like PhpMyAdmin, Redis internet viewer & a lot more. Here is a list indicating what you would get after installing EasyEngine.

Complete Setup

NGINX, PHP, MySQL, Postfix and dependencies in a very single command.

HHVM & PageSpeed Support

Improve WordPress sites by enabling HHVM and PageSpeed using one command.

Caching Options

Use W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Nginx’s FastCGI Cache.

Config Optimization

Automatically twists server configuration according to the available hardware resources.

Automatic Updates

Update EasyEngine for the new feature with one easy command: ee update.

Git-Backed Changes

All config changes are saved using Git so be free to play with the config.

These all things make EasyEngine developers friendly.

SSL Installation & Renewal

EasyEngine additionally includes commands for the installation of a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for HTTPS connections. This command can either be issued while site creation or with the update command once the site is created. Easy Engine updated version comes with a pre-installed Lets Encrypt which permits you to add https to your domain (SSL cert) and do all those task for you. It adds a cron job for you that automatically renew the cert after 90 days.

SSL Installation & Renewal
Why you need EasyEngine

Why you need EasyEngine?

EasyEngine is the well known tool within the WordPress system. Installing and deploying WordPress site is very easy with Easy Engine; it makes this complicated work easy. EasyEngine is nothing but a command-line tool for the Nginx web servers to manage WordPress sites that are running on the LEMP Stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and PHP-FPM). EasyEngine is crafted with python and can be deploy on Ubuntu and UNIX Debian distributions. EasyEngine is popularly used to manage your WordPress, HTML & PHP sites. With EasyEngine, you'll be able to create a WordPress website with a number of commands. EasyEngine uses Docker technology to show whole web surroundings (Linux, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL) into a conveyable, easy-to-deploy application. EasyEngine can even takeout of requesting and installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Engine makes it greatly simple to manage nginx, quick web-server software that consumes very little memory while handling increasing volumes of simultaneous users, with Easy Engine, you'll not have to be compelled to recall advanced commands or depend upon system directors.
Easy Engine, with its array of commands, is way less complicated to use than Apache, for your web-server wants. As an interface for Nginx, it's well-known to perform superior and quicker than Apache, especially once the quantity of coinciding website guests is on the increase.
No.Shared hosting services don't enable root or sudo access that is needed to install Easy Engine.
WP-CLI simplifies the process of working on your site by giving you direct-access shorthand, circumventing the need for extra plugins. WP-CLI Adds, removes, and lists capabilities of a user role. See references for Roles and Capabilities and WP User class that why it’s an extremely significant.
In case any client is not completely happy with our services we can provide a refund within 45 days from the date you opt-in for any service. WPHostWorld does not get any refund in case of cancellation of licenses. WPHostWorld reserves the right to decide whether or not to issue pro-rated refunds under circumstances.